Principles for Funding Food Science and Nutrition Research

The scientific process requires open, transparent examination and honest interpretation of data, regardless of a researcher’s affiliation or source of funding. To address the potential influence of funding source on scientific research, ILSI North America developed 8 Guiding Principles for Funding Food Science and Nutrition Research. These guidelines were specifically designed to protect the integrity and credibility of the scientific record.

By incorporating these eight principles into each and every one of our research contracts, ILSI North America commits to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity.

Objectively Designed

Scientific research must be factual, transparent, and designed objectively with robust hypotheses.

Under Control of Scientific Investigators

Both the study design and the research itself must always be under the control of the scientific investigators.

No Remuneration

Scientific investigators must not be offered or accept remuneration geared to the outcome of the research project.

Freedom to Publish

Ensure that investigative teams have the freedom to publish research results without interference.

Full Disclosure

Require full disclosure of all financial interests of scientific investigators in publications and conference presentations.

No Undisclosed Authorship

Do not participate in undisclosed paid authorship arrangements in industry-sponsored publications or presentations.

Accessibility to All Data

Guarantee accessibility to all data and control of statistical analysis by investigators and appropriate auditors/reviewers.

Transparency of Affiliation

Require academic researchers who also act as contract researchers to clearly state their affiliations and publish under the auspices of the organization they are working for when undertaking studies.

These principles were published simultaneously published in six peer-reviewed scientific journals: Nutrition Reviews, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Journal of Food Science, Nutrition Today, and The Journal of Nutrition.

Each of ILSI's 16 independently-operating entities must comply with these Guiding Principles, as outlined in ILSI’s Mandatory Policies