Beverage Caffeine Intake in US Consumers and Subpopulations of Interest: Estimates from the Share of Intake Panel Survey

Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2004;42:1923-1930

Abstract: Concerns exist about the potential adverse health effects of high consumption of dietary caffeine, especially in children and pregnant women. Recommended caffeine intakes corresponding to no adverse health effects have been suggested recently for healthy adults, for women contemplating pregnancy, and for young children age 4-6 years. To determine whether current caffeine intake approaches these levels, intake from major dietary sources were measured in caffeinated beverage consumers in the 1999 US Share of Intake Panel, a targeted beverage survey. The data showed that while mean caffeine intakes are within recommended safe levels, heavy consumers of certain subpopulations, including young children and women contemplating pregnancy, might benefit from dietary advice.

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This work was supported by the ILSI North America Caffeine Working Group.