What is the Scientific Leadership Council?

The Scientific Leadership Council (SLC) provides ILSI North America members with a method to monitor, evaluate, and respond to scientific issues relating to nutritional quality or safety of specific food ingredients, food additives or the food supply in general. The SLC is guided by a leadership team consisting of scientific advisors, government liaisons and at-large representatives of ILSI North America member companies. The SLC identifies issues in which further research can have significant impact on the health of the public.  Issues identified by the SLC lead to new projects within new or existing ILSI North America programs. The SLC provides recommendations to the Assembly of Members and the Board of Trustees regarding possible action on specific issues, and funds limited activity.  

The SLC organizes the ILSI North America Annual Meeting, and contributes to the scientific program at the ILSI Annual Meeting. It also administers the Future Leader Award program. The Future Leader Award Program was first established in 1965 (by the Nutrition Foundation) and offers generous grants for a two year period for young investigators conducting research in the areas of experimental nutrition, nutrition and toxicology, and nutrition and food science. 

The SLC also is involved in the Emerging Science process at ILSI North America.

Developing a Safe, Nutritious & Palatable Food System in Space

Grace Douglas, PhD, NASA - ILSI North America Mid-Year Meeting 2019