Staying out front on scientific issues

The Scientific Leadership Council serves as the primary body to identify, coordinate and initiate action on emerging issues or previously unaddressed scientific issues related to nutrition and food safety.   On an annual basis ILSI North America requests members, government liaisons, scientific advisors and associated individuals to highlight topics that they feel are relevant to ILSI North America and within the scope of the organization.  This survey helps to identify opportunities and issues that are relevant to the organization’s mission. Learn more about this process below.

As part of this process, the first science trend report was released in 2015 providing a summary of a wide range of emerging research and issues relevant to the food and nutrition science communities.  This comprehensive report, now issued annually, highlights research relating to current dietary patterns, global health trends, common research priorities, emerging technologies, new discoveries, regulatory science trends, and consumer health trends.  

How the Emerging Science process works

The Emerging Science process allows our stakeholders to help shape the future of our programs, keeping the organization at the forefront of food safety and nutrition science. This process takes place on an annual basis.

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