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ILSI North America's mission is to advance food safety and nutrition science for the benefit of public health. View projects* funded by ILSI North America below, and learn how we embed scientific integrity into every step of our research process.

2020 Peer Reviewed Publications

28 Dec 2020

See the list of the scientific papers supported by ILSI North America in 2020. 2020 Publications List.

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Assessing the Value of Dietary Live Microbes: Toward a Recommended Intake That Supports Health

21 Dec 2020

Scientific evidence points to a role for dietary live microbes in human health. There is an opportunity to evaluate the degree to which existing evidence supports development of a dietary recommendation for live microbes, as well as to identify gaps […]

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The Identification of Microbially-Derived Metabolites as Biomarkers: What Changes of Which Metabolites Matter for Health?

01 Nov 2020

Identifying microbially‐derived metabolites that may serve as biomarkers for health, or metabotyping, is a necessary step to understanding the role of the microbiome in human health. Ultimately, knowing what metabolites (including presence and quantity) matter for health can inform development […]

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Development of a Research Framework for Evidence-Based Assessment of Potential Carcinogens in Human Diets

08 Sep 2020

Risk assessment of chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic in humans often relies on extrapolation from carcinogenicity bioassays. There is a growing belief in the scientific community that evidence-based risk assessment can replace historical, over-protective guidance-based approaches. However, there is no […]

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Guiding Principles for Sodium Reduction Strategies in Food: A Compendium

15 Jun 2020

Significant knowledge exists about sodium reduction in foods, some of which is captured in Food & Drug Administration guidance documents. But progress made to date has not been captured in a publicly accessible format, and where it is available, it […]

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Impact of Dietary Sweetness Exposure on Future Dietary Intake: Reanalysis of Existing Intervention Trial Data

18 May 2020

Several global health authorities recommend avoidance of sweetness in the diet from both sugar and low-calorie or non-nutritive sweeteners, due to concerns that intake of sweet taste drives a preference for more sweetness, with ultimate negative consequences for energy intake […]

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Effect of Low-Calorie Sweetener Intake on Glycemic Response

26 Mar 2020

Globally, dietary guidance recommends reducing added and total sugars in the diet to reduce caloric intake and chronic disease. Low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) present an option for reducing calories while providing sweetness in the diet, but questions remain regarding the effects […]

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Standardizing Method and Development of Normal Values to Measure Human Small Intestinal and Colonic Permeability

12 Nov 2019

Maintaining—or restoring to normal—gut barrier function is not currently recognized as a physiologic benefit of fiber consumption, in part due to lack of agreement by experts in the field on how to define and measure normal gut barrier function in […]

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Metabolic and Physiological Properties of Rare Sugars Review Paper

17 Sep 2019

Rare sugars are monosaccharides or disaccharides that exist in small quantities in nature and have unique metabolic and physiological properties that help distinguish them from more commonly consumed sugars like fructose and glucose. Due to their unique properties, rare sugars […]

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Global Comparison of How Short-Term Blood Glucose Response to Food is Measured and Translated

15 Jun 2019

The wide range of methods used to describe the impact of food on short-term glycemic response makes it challenging to apply research results broadly, including but not limited to its use on food labels. The choice of approach should be […]

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Updating the Metal Dietary Exposure Screening Tool

01 Jun 2019

The ILSI North America Food and Chemical Safety Committee invests in the training and education of future scientists and leaders in the fields of food and chemical safety and food toxicology by supporting a Summer Fellowship Program for doctoral students. […]

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Effect of the Use of Potassium-Based Sodium Replacers on Sodium and Potassium Intakes of the US Population

24 Apr 2019

Sodium intake in the US population exceeds recommendations, and efforts have long been underway to reduce the amount of sodium in foods. Salt in the form of NaCl is the largest source of sodium in processed foods. Given the particular […]

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*Projects from 2013 and later are included in this repository. To view projects supported by ILSI North America prior to 2013, please visit our Peer-Reviewed Publications page.