The Science of Energy Balance: What We Know and Don’t Know

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food Nutrition Conference and Expo
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
October 20, 2014
Georgia World Congress Center, Exhibit Hall B1

Healthy weight individuals are now a minority of the US population and obesity has become a critical public health challenge. Energy balance refers to the integrated effects of diet and physical activity on body weight. An imbalance between intake and expenditure, with a net positive intake results in increased body weight. This session will examine the interaction of energy balance components, the subsequent impact and offer guidance to help individuals understand and achieve energy balance.


  • James Hill, PhD, University of Colorado
  • John Jakicic, PhD, FACSM, University of Pittsburgh
  • Paula Zeigler, PhD, RD, CFCS , Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (Moderator)

This session was organized by the ILSI North America Balancing Food & Activity for Health Committee.

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