Membership in ILSI North America provides the opportunity to identify and assess emerging issues; develop new research standards; and support, interpret and share new knowledge regarding the nutrition and food sectors via a collaborative network of academia, industry, and government experts in diverse areas of food science, nutrition, safety, and risk assessment.  

ILSI North America’s 30 industry members include producers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural and other chemicals, personal care and household products or the ingredients, safety testing or production used in such products. Trade associations and organizations involved in the manufacture, production, marketing, sale or distribution of tobacco products are prohibited.

ILSI North America also has 34 academic advisors from universities in Canada and the US who serve along with the industry member representatives and government liaisons on the organization’s food-safety committees, nutrition-program related committees and additional programs that address scientific integrity and emerging issues, among other topics.

ILSI North America also has 18 government liaisons to U.S. Federal and Canadian agencies


Expand your professional connections to expertise from scientists across the globe through a global network of 15 ILSI entities.

Provide Evidence

Apply your professional expertise to provide scientific solutions for issues of nutrition and food safety that are recognized and valued by peers in academia, government and other institutions.


Bring forth new topics and issues in nutrition and food safety that ILSI North America can address through applied knowledge or scientific investigation.

Stay Focused

Tailor your areas of support to address the needs specific to your expertise or interests

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