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Fall 2018

Letter from the Executive Director: Clare Thorp, PhD

ILSI North America Adopts Center for Open Science's Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines

2019 ILSI Annual Meeting: A Brave New World in Nutrition and Food Safety

Register Now: Scientific Advances and Challenges in Safety Evaluation of Food Packaging Materials

2018 by the Numbers: Recent Publications from ILSI North America Committees


Summer 2018

ILSI North America Caffeine Systematic Review was Awarded the 2017
“Best Paper of the Year”

Finalists Announced for
NUTRITION 2018 Dietary Bioactives Research Design Challenge

Best Practices Developed for
Measuring and Reporting Blood Fatty Acids in Clinical Nutrition Studies

Videos from the Canadian Nutrition Society “Food for Health” workshop are now available!

Did you know? "Gut on a chip" may give insights on the gut microbiome and motility disorders

Spring 2018

2017-2019 Science Trend Report now available! 
Check out our top 3 picks

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 ILSI North America supports harmonization of food safety standards in the Arab region

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 New research to improve sampling of bulk food products funded by the Food Microbiology Committee

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 Food and Chemical Safety Committee Summer Fellow receives 4 SOT awards

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Videos of the ILSI North America Annual Meeting scientific sessions now available

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Summer 2017

Pathogen reduction in spices

Work by Food Micro Committee featured in Food Technology

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Board member, Dr. David Allison, appointed as Dean of Indiana University School of Public Health - Bloomington

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 Researcher selected  to estimate energy intake using personal devices

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Finding a Path to Safety in Food Allergy 

A National Academies report supported by ILSI North America is available.

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Spring 2017

Protein Committee funds Tufts University Scientist

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Food Relevant Chemicals in ToxCast - New Database Available

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ILSI North America presents at 2017 World Conference on Research Integrity

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New database available for understanding the role of fortified foods in the diet

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Systematic Review furthers our understanding of caffeine on human health

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Winter 2017

Scientific Integrity Consortium Meeting at the National Academies

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USDA Branded Food Products Database Grows to include over 175,000 products


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Expert Working Group develops best practices in measuring/reporting blood fatty acids

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Fall 2016

Food Value Analysis Tool: Roadshow Continues

The tool was presented during the Annual Meeting of the Association of Nutrition Departments and Programs/ Council on Food Science Administrators. 


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ILSI North America Completes work on Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Three manuscripts include: an evidence map, mode-of-action evaluation, and a meta-regression analysis of the effect of trans fats on LDL-Cholesterol

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 Food Packaging Workshop leads to future work

plastic-bottles-smallA workshop held in September has identified a critical need to address issues related to packaging

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Food Relevant Chemicals in ToxCast

The Food and Chemical Safety Summer Fellow provides insights to federal agencies


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Sodium Reduction Workshop outcomes shared with Health Canada

Summer 2016

Risk-Based Assessment of Mycotoxins Mitigation


ILSI North America presented the application of its decision tree to evaluate the mitigation of process formed compounds in the context of mycotoxins.

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USDA launches the Branded Food Products Database

The Database was launched at the 2016 GODAN Summit by Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsackakdm-godan

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Dr. Daryl Lund receives IUFoST Lifetime Achievement Award 




18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology

ILSI North America @ IAFP 2016 

Sessions on: Cyanotoxins, Whole Genome Sequencing, Validation of hazard control measures, Inactivation of Salmonella on spicesmicrobiome

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IFT Session

Nutritional Economics and Value Based Decision Making: A Positive Influence for Health Outcomes
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Babcock-Hart Award Recipient


Edward Hirschberg - Innovative Foods

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Connie Weaver, PhD



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Alison Kretser participates in the

NY Academy of Science's Global Stem Alliance Summit GSA-Logo_SS2-transparent

 Mid-Year 2016 Meeting Videos and Recap 

CRISPR no bg

CRISPR Cas9, NIH Nutrition Research, Decision Trees, Sodium Reduction, & more

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Spring 2016