Eric Hentges, PhD
Executive Director
Eric joined ILSI North America in 2007.  Eric works with members, trustees, science advisors, and staff to extend the organization’s contribution to and impact within diverse scientific and health communities.


Alison Kretser, MS, RD
Director, Science Programs
Alison joined ILSI North America in August 2011. Alison’s background in food and nutrition and her experience in program management, development and committee work is a valuable asset to her work on scientific integrity.  She also has responsibility for the staff management of the food safety programs at ILSI North America.

Mansi Krishan, PhD
Senior Scientific Program Manager
Mansi joined ILSI North America in 2014. She manages the committee on Food and Chemical Safety and provides scientific expertise in toxicology and risk assessment to the food safety committees at ILSI North America. Mansi, will be managing the newly formed Packaging Committee, which will start work in 2017

Brienna Larrick, PhD
Manager, Scientific Program Communications
Brienna joined ILSI North America in 2018. She is responsible for developing communications strategies that enhance the dissemination of science produced by ILSI North America's Program Committees.

Marie Latulippe, MS, RD
Senior Program Manager
Marie first joined ILSI North America in 2006 followed by two years with ILSI Europe in Brussels from 2012 to 2014 working with nutrition-related committees. She returned to ILSI North America in 2017. Marie currently manages the Sodium, Fortification, Gut Microbiome, and Low-Calorie Sweeteners Committees. In addition, she develops topics identified through the Emerging Science process into programs and leads a team to develop a structure for One ILSI projects.

Barbara Lyle, PhD
Senior Nutrition Advisor
As Senior Nutrition Advisor, Barbara provides strategic advice and service related to scientific, technical, and programmatic priorities, including those specific to  technical committees, subcommittees, and/or project committees within ILSI North America.  In this capacity, she works directly with the ILSI North America Executive Director and Senior Staff, as well as committee chairs.

Heather H. Steele, MPhil
Director, Program Development
Heather first joined ILSI North America in 1993. She manages the Food, Nutrition & Safety Program (FNSP), including the annual meeting scientific program and the emerging issues identification process, the Board Program Assessment and Strategic Collaborations Committee, and the ILSI North America portion of the Annual Meeting. She also manages the Technical Committee on Balancing Food and Activity for Health and ILSI North America’s Canadian Advisory Committee.

Ashleigh Wiggins, MSc
Science Program Associate
Ashleigh joined ILSI North America in 2014. She facilitates outreach and communication opportunities in Canada and is responsible for the exchange of scientific information and development of partnerships with Canadian professional scientific organizations, food industry, and government on food safety and nutrition issues. She also provides support for the Canadian Advisory Committee.

Science Fellow

Chor-San Khoo, PhD
Senior Science Fellow
Chor-San joined ILSI North America in 2012. In this role, she works on nutrition initiatives that identify, define, and translate emerging science and technology trends, issues and opportunities which impact public health. Her responsibilities include advising on nutrition research, design of studies, technology and policy assessments, publication preparation and review.

Support Staff

Courtney McComber, BA
Program and Conference Manager
Courtney joined the organization in 2007. She supports Heather Steele, Barbara Lyle, and Marge Leahy while working closely with the Food, Nutrition and Safety Program, Future Leaders Award Program, nutrition-related committees and the ILSI North America Annual Meeting.

Amanda Haight, BS
Branch Administrator
Amanda joined ILSI North America in 2011. She works closely with the Executive Director to manage the operations of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and the Board Finance Committee. Additionally, she manages ILSI North America’s budget development process and monitors the financial status of the organization. Amanda also works with ILSI North America’s Canadian activities.