The ILSI North America Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the organization’s activities, which are administered by an executive staff, to support and advance nutrition and food safety.

Board of Trustees

The management of ILSI North America is set forth in our Bylaws and requires a Board of Trustees comprised with at least half of its members representing U.S. or Canadian public sector organizations, such as academia and government. In 2017, the organization had a 26-member Board of Trustees, comprised of 14 academic and 12 industry scientists.

Executive Staff


Clare Thorp, PhD
Executive Director
Clare joined ILSI North America in 2018, bringing over 25 years of public and private sector experience in agriculture and food policy, research and teaching. Her career embodies ILSI North America’s multi-sector philosophy, and she works with members, trustees, science advisors, and staff to extend the organization’s contribution to and impact within diverse scientific and health communities. Dr. Thorp works with staff to create and maintain partnerships with American and Canadian professional scientific organizations, food industry, and government on food safety and nutrition issues.


Alison Kretser, MS, RD
Director, Science Programs
Alison joined ILSI North America in 2011. She leads ILSI North America’s Assembly on Scientific Integrity, as well as efforts to coordinate standards for scientific integrity across the global network of ILSI branches. Alison has staff responsibility for the food safety committees, and has responsibility for the management and implementation of the TOP Guidelines at ILSI North America. She also serves as the Project Director for the Public-Private Partnership on the USDA Branded Food Products Database.

Brienna Larrick, PhD
Manager, Scientific Program Communications
Brienna joined ILSI North America in 2018. She is responsible for developing communications strategies that enhance the dissemination of science produced by ILSI North America's Program Committees.

Marie Latulippe, MS, RD
Senior Program Manager
Marie first joined ILSI North America in 2006 and has held positions across the organization, including at ILSI Research Foundation and at ILSI Europe in Brussels. She returned to ILSI North America in 2017 after serving as Study Director for the Review of WIC Food Packages at the National Academies of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board. Marie currently manages the work of several Nutrition Committees and develops nutrition concepts rising from the Emerging Science process into larger-scale programs. Marie was also the lead for development of a process to facilitate cross-branch collaborations for which test projects were initiated in 2018.

Barbara Lyle, PhD
Senior Nutrition Advisor
As Senior Nutrition Advisor, Barbara provides strategic advice and service related to scientific, technical, and programmatic priorities, including those specific to technical committees, subcommittees, and/or project committees within ILSI North America.  In this capacity, she works directly with the ILSI North America Executive Director and Senior Staff, as well as committee chairs.

Imad Neal Saab, PhD
Senior Scientific Program Manager
Imad joined ILSI North America in 2018, bringing over 30 years of experience in research, risk assessment, and regulations for agricultural chemicals, biotechnology and gene editing. His multi-sector experiences in regulatory agency engagement and capacity building make him uniquely qualified to support the scientific work of ILSI North America’s Food Safety programs. Imad manages the Food and Chemical Safety and the Food Packaging Safety Committees.

Heather H. Steele, MPhil
Director, Program Development
Heather first joined ILSI North America in 1993. She oversees the scientific program planning for the Annual and Mid-Year meetings, and works with the Canadian Advisory Committee. She also manages the Food, Nutrition & Safety Program (FNSP) and its Leadership Team, the emerging science identification process and the Board of Trustees Program Assessment and Strategic Collaborations Committee

Science Fellow

Chor-San Khoo, PhD
Senior Science Fellow
Chor-San joined ILSI North America in 2012 as a Senior Science Fellow. With over 30 years leading global nutrition and health programs, she has broad experience in food and nutrition research, technology and regulation, as well as in health policy and consumer food insights. Her current role includes serving as an advisor to the Executive Director and senior staff on research study design and publication, assessment of new technologies and their policy implications, strategic planning, program experts and speaker identification. She also authors the ILSI North America Science Trend Report on emerging science, technology trends and insights that impact the food, nutrition and public health communities. 

Support Staff

Amanda Haight, BS
Branch Administrator
Amanda joined ILSI North America in 2011. She works closely with the Executive Director to manage the operations of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and the Board Finance Committee. Additionally, she manages ILSI North America’s budget development process and monitors the financial status of the organization. 

Courtney McComber, BA
Program and Conference Manager
Courtney joined the organization in 2007. She supports the Science Program and the ILSI North America Annual and Mid-Year Meetings. In addition, Courtney works closely with Heather Steele, Chor-San Khoo, Barbara Lyle and Marie Latulippe to support the nutrition and Canadian Advisory committees.

Angela Roberts, BA
Scientific Program Assistant
Angela first joined ILSI North America in 2017 to provide support for the 2018 ILSI Annual Meeting and nutrition-related committees. She now serves as a Scientific Program Assistant for ILSI North America, supporting Alison Kretser and working closely with the Scientific Committees on Food and Chemical Safety, Food Microbiology, Food Packaging, Caffeine and Scientific Integrity. She also supports the Public-Private Partnership USDA Branded Food Products Database.