Membership in ILSI North America provides the opportunity to develop new research knowledge and to interpret and assess the status of current scientific issues through the large network of academia, industry, and government experts in diverse areas of food science, nutrition, safety, and risk assessment.  


As a member of ILSI North America, you will expand your professional connections through a global network of 17 ILSI branches having access to expertise from scientists across the globe.

Provide Evidence

Government and other institutions recognize the value of the tripartite model in providing scientific solutions in association with ILSI North America.


We encourage members and collaborators to bring forth new topic areas of investigation and use existing infrastructure and networks to address unexpected scientific issues.

Stay Focused

Each member may choose to tailor their areas of support to their specific needs.

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9 Publications in 2017

Over 60 academic & government scientists contribute over 1500 hours of service every year.

47 conferences, workshops, poster sessions, and webinars in 2017